01 Sep

6 quick tips to keep your arrangements looking fresh:

1. Clean water- Start with a clean vase. When you put your flowers into the vase, there should be no foliage below the water line. Submerged foliage will rot in the water which will clog stems and prevent them from absorbing it.

2. Feed Them- Using commercial plant food will not only refresh the flowers it will also keep bacteria away which causes the flowers to age faster. You can also make your own concoction with a pinch of white sugar and a tiny dash of vinegar to the water. The sugar helps to feed the flowers while the vinegar wards off bacteria.

3. Make fresh cuts- Use a sharp knife or scissors to re-cut each stem right before it goes into the vase. Cutting on a slight angle will increase the surface area for water uptake.

4. Hydrate- Hydrate your flowers before arranging them. Submerge the stems, almost up to the flower heads, in a bucket of warm water that contains dissolved flower food. Let the flowers sit for a couple of hours in a cool place then arrange them.

5. Keep them cool-Your arrangements will last longer if you keep them away from heat and direct sunlight, and move them to a cool room overnight. Better yet, refrigerate them overnight or when not on display. This will go a long way in keeping them fresh.

6. Keep an eye on the water- Flowers absorb a lot of water the first day they’re in a vase. Check the water level and replenish it as needed. If the water looks cloudy, remove the flowers. Rinse the stems under running water and cut about an inch off the bottom. Clean the vase and refill it with fresh water and flower food.
Just a few easy tips to keep your flowers looking their best!

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